Yuko oshima eiji wentz dating

If i can recall, I’ve spent (or gave) about 30k yen for each of these pictures to some lonely idol otaku that needs to earn a living by selling pics at a certain auction site and hell yeah I’ve been scammed to bring out that much money to buy a picture of an idol that little did i know has a six year expiry date… XD looks like their managers are setting them loose in japan…its like a vacation and a job at the same time lol its mos def a great place for those netizens to take stalker pics all day XD idoling!!!I still hold these pics until now and currently have no idea what to do with them as these could either be worthless than a piece of non-combustible trash or a rare item that only about 3000 people own…yup, I guess its the former. i’m just complaining about my neck, which is hurting right now from looking at the new AKB covers so i thought why must i rotate my freaking neck to such impossible angles to see the other members when my computer can do it for me? members fonchi, amimi, and umeko got themselves new haircuts days after the great idol wars that happened on music japan (momoiro clover’s perf was OUT OF THIS WORLD btw) and honestly idoling!!! but i must say, i really felt that i was transported back in time when i first her pictures with the new do.There are also many fans of EXILE in AKB48, and among that TAKAHIRO is the most popular.An official of an entertainment agency said, “There are many girls who listen to EXILE songs when being transported.damn…talking about bad luck, i remember the time when defstar dropped them out and when they were signed to king records, the sales suddenly rocketed leaving defstar in the dust.shocked and surprised wondering what they did wrong lol.

On the other hand is Itano and the rumour with the famous TAKAHIRO.

She also started to lose trust in other people when it was previously reported that she was dating an actor who was her senior.

She's obsessed with cleanliness, so I think she'll be having a relatively silent romantic life for a while.".

back in 2008 : P and out of the three i really like hers the most. days ;__; it also makes her really young…can you imagine she’s 21 at first glance : O i can’t find a good photo of her back in those days and this is the best that i could find XD (never mind the dino) and last but not the least amimi, with her new “15 senchi” haircut (or at least that’s what they call it in japan) i find it quite cute and very childish in a way.

it does suit her and makes her face really round i guess that is what AKB48 is trying to tell defstar records (their old label, which dumped them…) in their new cover for their new PV collection DVD “nogashita sakana-tachi” (the fishes we let go) with the senbatsu members dressed as fishes.

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