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Puns aside, Moyer told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!

in 2015 that the two actually did fall in love at first sight, during the auditions for the HBO show. "We were both single at the time, and there was just this kind of spark." It was a spark that later turned into a flame; the parents of twins have been married since 2010.

The two never shared the screen in the two-part four-hour film, but managed to make it work offscreen.

The couple's romance has been as controversial as the movie they met on.

Since then, the two have gotten married and secretly had a baby, giving Mendes and Gosling a run for their money when it comes to couples that are able to keep their relationships extremely private.

You saw these two onscreen together in the psychological thriller about a haunted house, but you'll rarely see them together on the red carpet. You have to protect your marriage," she said, making it clear their love isn't a movie.

Weisz told MORE that it's because she wants to "protect" their love. "The audience goes, and you're in your own life." So, don't expect Weisz to spill any real life details of the actor who plays Bond, James Bond, any time soon.

These two met on the set of a certain Nicholas Sparks movie, but their real life love affair definitely has some things in common with Sparks' novels.

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First, they were nearly torn apart by their differences; a clear sign that you may be living in a Nicholas Sparks movie.

And while we don't know if they ever wrote each other any letters, they did continue to correspond on social media to keep their bond going.

Now, they're reportedly planning their wedding, which means we may soon have the happy ending that The Last Song couldn't give us at the time.

The two met during the making of this Lars von Trier movie that deals with sexuality in its many forms.

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