Xmlreaderfactory how to validating xml

Pull parsers operate on stream and if you have a large enough file they will not know it is well formed until it is read to the end.If you need to know if it is well formed or/and valid, read it till the end or validation error (you can use next() for fast reading if you don't care about contents).To learn more about XML Schema, you can review the online tutorial, XML Schema Part 0: Primer, at Note - There are multiple schema-definition languages, including RELAX NG, Schematron, and the W3C "XML Schema" standard.The steps required to create a schema validator class are: 1) Create the parser: 5) Create an Error Handler: The error handler is used to communicate any schema validation errors with the caller.This is done using exceptions in order to communicate error details back to the caller. When you call the build methods the builder will first get the SAXEngine and then call the build method of the SAXEngine.

If validation is not activated, however, it can only tell whether or not the document is well-formed, as was shown in the previous section when you deleted the closing tag from an XML element.uses the non-validating parser by default, but it can also activate validation.Activating validation allows the application to tell whether the XML document contains the right tags or whether those tags are in the right sequence.(Descriptions of these options, to configure the factory to return a namespace-aware parser.Sun's implementation supports any combination of configuration options.

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