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I would like to thank you for your support and understanding. Yesterday we had our civil marriage ceremony with Stevan. We are so happy and thankful to you for getting to know each other!

It is incredible how you changed me, I have really become a whole different person, regarding my look, and perception of the world, and my attitude towards life. I sincerely wish you success, prosperity, and love. We invite you to attend our wedding, which will take place on September 2016. We are not ashamed of having met in a dating agency, so you can place our review and photo in the public domain :) Natalia and I get married yesterday.

Therefore, Happy Life doesn't have a lot of profiles about whom you don’t even know whether they really want a serious relationship or not. I liked Dmitry a lot :) and even though our relationship hasn’t gone far yet, I can already say that he is 100% the man I want to have beside me. made an engraving on his ring and mine But Lena, what should I do next… After three years of stagnation, it was a breath of fresh air, I went to beauty parlors and enjoyed myself incredibly :) It is such a pleasure to meet intelligent, educated, self-made men who are eager and ready for a serious relationship.

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Soon it will be a year as I'm married to the most wonderful Russian woman, who is giving me all that I've ever wanted. I really feel different now, womanly, light, airy girl, and now also loving and loved! Me and Sasha, we are happy to have met each other thanks to you! Will send you photos from our wedding for sure :) Good evening, Lena!!! And for now, he sent me 101 roses as a holiday gift ))) December!!! Thank you for this journey, that I'm passing along with you and with your support.After trying various dates, I had become very discouraged, since I really wanted to find a partner who also would like to create a family, if not now, then maybe just in the future.In the world of dating, there may be many pitfalls, so it required a little homework not just to use the first agency I found on Google.These dating websites became bland very fast as there were no serious profiles on those websites.However, I went on some romantic dates, but without the very big chemistry between us, since many of the profiles almost seemed like a lifestyle of being single and in their free time being invited on different romantic dates.

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