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I agree, the content is better than it ever has been before.

Then why is so much porn still being made if there's so little money in it today? Content gets uploaded to tube sites constantly, take-downs are intentionally slow and ineffective to make this process as tiresome and inefficient as possible. New creator is eventually forced to upload the content themselves in order to generate leads and collect some revenue although this is very little. This revenue is not and was never planned to be enough for the creator, two options: A. E.g some go full in memory redis while others stay on a good old mysql.

As soon as those services get big enough it raises flags and they get shut down.

How and why CCBill are able to do it while others aren’t I don’t know.

That said, it wasn't quite as bad as you make it out to be.

When you have a long history of low chargebacks you can make some deals, and even then there were a few options.

That would help customers stay anonymous and there will be no charge-backs.

The logic is similar to how youtube and podcast creators diversify to patreon as the platform revenue can’t be counted on.

Also the impact of Patreon’s policy goes beyond porn, to take an extreme example, educational content involving sex in any graphic way would also get banned. Would moving to direct peer to peer payment with a one to one link between the creator and the “customer” be a workaround ?

You can sell snake oil on Shopify all day long but sell a JPG with that shows female nipples and it raises flags. I know it’s related to Title 18, Section 2257 somehow, but I don’t understand exactly how, nor why CCBill seems to operate without issue. Porn has come such a long way in the last 10 years.

Maybe I’m just more progressive than I realize, but I see stuff like X-Art as actual art and I wish there was something like i Tunes for porn.

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