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The tube sites have killed the content business; this is a shrinking industry.

That would help customers stay anonymous and there will be no charge-backs.There is actually a really interesting story behind this that was once on HN, I unfortunately can't find it anymore but it has something to do with the following process:1. Quality of content and models is reduced in order to reduce costs and remain profitable. This does not happen, studio struggles to stay afloat and is forced to sell, it gets acquired by guess who... I probably got some things wrong so feel free to correct me! As an example of something I heard at least a year ago back here in HN: I get it that PHP can be secure and fast but that requires a lot of extra effort and I'd bet most sites don't want their programmers to work more because they will have to pay more? Although, don't let yourself fooled by the poor ui.Are you comfortable with sharing what are the main tech stacks in there? (I am skeptical if porn sites even keep fulltime programmers on a wage; I'd bet they just hire them periodically.)... It doesn't reflect the tech behind, and is now mostly ugly for marketting reasons. Video streaming is expensive, and you can divide your costs by 10 by avoiding aws and cie. I am still waiting the world at large to recognize the fact that the popular cloud services are not actually cost-efficient at all.Then when volumes get big enough there would be ashakedown again ?While content sites are not doing well, live cams have nowadays quite a high turnover.

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