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This lack of tradition hinders the role that dating plays in developing things such as friendships with a romantic interest, the ability to be vulnerable with another person, or the practice of conversing with others to get to know their likes and dislikes.

The Millennial age has also experienced a higher rate of depression and isolation as compared to previous generational types.

e Harmony’s Guided Communication tool allows you to really connect with your matches, gathering the information that will help you determine if this person is really right for you.

This way, you find out the answers to the important questions early on, before you get too involved.

Going on a date doesn’t appear to be “as important” to develop a romantic relationship, especially among the younger generations. Is technology a hindrance in the dating community, negatively impacting the formation of deep, romantic, committed relationships?

While some argue this approach has its successes, traditional dating should still be the prime method to help form profound long-lasting quality, connections.

With technology apps and a polarization of the “me” era, these two generations have a hyper-focus of “self-centeredness” focusing on personal and career goals.

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Perhaps you haven’t had the best experience meeting people at your local pub, or maybe you feel that everyone in your church or worship group is either already coupled or not quite the right fit.

While sex and hooking up has become a chief factor for those having any romantic connection, the lack of developing personal connections leaves the experience empty.

The goal of hookups is to leave feelings and emotions at the door but the reality is they are never truly left.

In everyday life you may meet people with whom you have great chemistry, or shared interests in common.

But it’s much more difficult to find Catholic singles with whom you share the key ingredient in a happy, long-lasting relationship: compatibility.

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