Workaholic dating my sister is dating my ex husband

It can very well be just you two on the couch watching Netflix, while you eat packed food. Ok, I know it might be hard at first to appreciate something that you absolutely hate about a workaholic. If you ever really want to be close to someone, you have to understand the love they have for someone. Sending such positive vibes accompanied by the appreciation will surely spice things up between you.

In order to make a workaholic understand your views, you can’t use the regular language.

Make sure that they don’t carry their workload while traveling, and even if they do, give them a chance. Planning an outing once a month would give you more joy and fun rather than meeting every week for an hour or two. You never cry but you somehow solve the given issue, Right?

While choosing the destination, surprise them with something they like. Apply the same approach when dealing with a workaholic.

One of the most important thing while dating a workaholic is not pushing your other half to spend time with you.

If you already know that he/she works really hard and spends most of the time glued to the screen, don’t bug them.

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