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There was a suggestion some years ago that instead of being set vertically, as it is now, Stone 45 may have originally have been set horizontally as a roofing slab.If so, the passage would have been considerably longer and may have extended across the forecourt.The West Kennet long barrow was constructed in 3670 - 3635 cal. Burials in the chambers most likely began immediately after construction and ended in 3640 - 3610 cal. This indicates a period of primary use that lasted only 10 - 30 years (68% probability).

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The quality of Piggott's work is not in doubt, but carbon-dating was then in its infancy; the recent reinterpretation was only made possible because the 1955-6 excavations had been so well recorded.

Modern dating applies Bayesian statistical techniques to a large number of carbon date samples for a site, producing overall distributions of likely dates for the site's usage.

The bodies were of both sexes and between three and fifty years old.

Almost all those over 25 years old showed signs of arthritis, particularly of the back, hands and feet; several had spina bifida.

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