Whos sabrina bryan dating

However, Maxie's father Frisco Jones intervened and warned Britt to leave his daughter alone.

Britt changed tactics after she suffered a fall in the hospital parking lot which left her on crutches.

As the pregnancy continued, Britt struck up a friendship with Nikolas Cassadine and had second thoughts about her lie but her mother pushed her to continue her pursuit of Patrick.

Britt started to believe in her mother's plan after Patrick started to bond with the unborn child and Britt learned she was pregnant with a boy. Obrecht caused more harm than good during her visit with Britt. The police uncovered the connection between Britt and her mother and while her mother escaped, Britt was left to deal with the aftermath of Liesl's crimes.

However, Patrick and the head nurse at the hospital rallied around Sabrina and were able to prove that Britt had set Sabrina up.

As Britt contemplated her next move, she had a conversation with her mother, Dr.

Although Patrick was hesitant to move on, he and Britt began dating.Frisco hinted that he had been responsible for her injury and would continue to protect his daughter if warranted.Britt did not involve Maxie when she made it look like Sabrina had cheated on her nursing exam.However, Britt became concerned over the growing closeness between Patrick and Sabrina after they spent New Year's Eve together.In time, Britt was able to seduce Patrick and she convinced him that she needed to spend time with him and Emma.

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