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My writing and my way of staging the scenes and shooting – people can tell it’s me, but that’s not by my choice. It’s just my personality as a director,” says Anderson in an interview.

Having something in common in directing method, both Coppola and Anderson surely have certain trademark to support their fundamental styles.

Having a significantly visible style, Anderson never fails to hook his audience rather positively.

His themes are always relevant, the characters he creates are easy to relate to, and most importantly, the visuals are easily distinguishable; all of these characteristics work together harmoniously to create Wes Anderson’s distinct dreamlike atmosphere.

First on the list would be the senior cinematographer, Robert D.

Yeoman, whose involvement is crucial in every Wes Anderson film.

The first person to apply colour in his cinematography technique is Roger Deakins. ” in 2000, digital colour grading has globally extended as a standard among filmmakers.

In her debut film, “The Virgin Suicides”, Sofia dressed the poignant, mischievous and melancholy Lisbon girls in colourful bandeau tops and managed to make their strict Catholic school uniforms look surprisingly chic too.

Sofia Coppola’s main roles often express their personal characteristic in a bold fashion statement, making her influence on fashion remarkably strong.

This not only comes from the heroines in her movies, but also the well-known collaboration with Louis Vuitton, where she designed several of their bags in the Spring/Summer ’16 collection.

Being authentic, similar and conspicuously distinct, Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola are among the popular topliners whose influence is always awaited by people of modern culture.

Let’s see what these directors got in mind for their future projects!

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