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Barry has to be both Sprinter and Distance runner giving Grant and John a Distinct Advantage over Ezra.Since Barry has to be both Sprinter and Distance Weight is going to be a massive factor is longevity and Distances before burn out. Ezra Weighs in at 160lbs and Grant at 165lbs John came in at an Impressive 185-190lbs.pic.twitter.com/l Yuag I1GXs — Brian Lee Okert (@Brian Okert) December 4, 2017 Holy Crap!!! : Bilson and De Meo were tapped to write the pilot episode, which they completed in January 1990. (so this question on “does Flash need a Team”) This conversation continued on for 2 hours Between Brian and his Helpers.Interesting Facts found when Researching Doing my Research for "Why John Wesley Shipp was the Best Fit for Flash (title working) @grantgust Born 1990 @John Wesley Shipp Plays #The Flash 1991 #Ezra Miller Born 1992 WTF!!!

Ezra who is 25 was Born in 1992 and Dawned the mask in 2017.

January 22, 1956) portrays The Flash (Barry Allen) in The 1990 Series The Flash.

Then he took on the role of Doctor Henry Allen, in addition he is also Jay Garrick in The Flash.

Most sprinters are taller than the Normal Humans, Metahuman included.

A typical world-class male sprinter is 6’0 foot tall.

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