Who is daren kagasoff dating 2016

“The social web can be manipulated in so many different ways….There are all kinds of unexpected twists and turns.” Some viewers want Ben to be with his first love, Amy (Shailene Woodley).Woodley hinted at being pansexual just a few months after Page came out as lesbian, and though it’s speculated this relationship is made up, the rumors were never dispelled either.

in 2016 that James and Kearney, who were engaged for quite a while, may be on the outs, giving fans hope.

Whether or not they dated, the two seem to sustain a working relationship, as they starred together again when they were both cast in , during Woodley’s time filming that movie, she was linked to dreamy English co-star Theo James.

Woodley and James had very convincing chemistry as each other’s love interests and fans wanted to see if that carried over off-screen.

However, the first rumors of Woodley and Fernandez’s possible relationship emerged in 2013, a year prior to the movie’s release, when the two were caught kissing at the Sundance Film Festival.

Although this relationship has never been confirmed, Ellen Page and Shailene Woodley, who have been longtime friends, were rumored to have been in a romantic relationship.

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