Who is ben gibbard dating

Don’t get me wrong — it’s not as if I don’t care now.

But these were situations I felt were so important, I had to write about them.

(“You call a truce and then you start a fight/ You change your signal like a traffic light.”) How do you psychologically reconcile the two when you’re playing live?

You know, at this point, we’re playing songs I literally wrote when I was 20. And they are about things I really cared about when I was 20 or people I really cared about when I was 20.

To a generation of geeky-cool indie kids like Seth, Gibbard was a sympathetic voice, a fellow nerd who wrote earnestly about love and heartbreak.

Especially heartbreak.), but admits it's "fairly obvious." And Deschanel isn't the only A-lister who might think the album hits too close to home.

Dance-rock groover "Good Help (Is So Hard to Find)" is a pointed celebrity critique that begins, "You'll never have to hear the word 'no'/If you keep all your friends on the payroll."Death Cab For Cutie Announces New Album, Moves on Without Chris Walla"The person I'm singing to is an amalgamation of people I came across living in Los Angeles," says Gibbard, who returned to Seattle after the divorce.

Gibbard's three-year marriage to the star, 35, made him an unlikely celebrity, that rare musician who turns up on both Pitchfork and TMZ.And now that it's over, everyone's wondering if new songs like "Black Sun" and "Ingenue" are about his ex.He saw the speculation coming, but Gibbard didn't get to be one of rock's most respected songwriters by skimping on the personal stuff.When we’re playing live, it’s not that I’m thinking about how I felt about things.I think, more so, the performance of these songs is living in the moment of having written them and, also, being very aware of how much you’ve changed since you wrote that.

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