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Of course, the bathrooms back then were segregated.Having grown up on the West Coast, he wasn’t sure which bathroom he was supposed to use.

They know for a fact that if they are with an Asian man they are subjecting themselves to being targeted by whites as being outsiders or foreigners; Asian men are seen as weak and perpetual foreigners so Asian women take a serious status hit to be seen with Asian men.

Actually we have had a few Eurasian girls posting here, with horror stories about their parents.

They also hated what their parents marriages represented, although as women they suffered the oppression in different ways than the men do.

One poster challenged if there were any liberal, male feminist white guys dating Asian women, but not a single one spoke up.

At least on Reddit it seems to be universally rightwing white males interested in Asian women. creation of Eurasians en masse, is itself part of the White male backlash, in this case against over-liberated white women.

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