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“The benefits of being accepted, cared for, loved and valued, are immeasurable,” says Borg.

“Hold onto that insight and use it to help support the parent’s newfound love.” More than three years after Walton’s mom died, her dad, now 68-years-old, took a chance on love again, reconnecting with an old friend he’d known in his early 20s but fell out of touch with while he was married.

“I felt like I was watching my dad die from a broken heart,” says Walton.

Then one night at dinner, Michel casually mentioned to Walton that he’d recently purchased a duplex for his ex-wife, whom he’d been out of contact with for years.Learn more about how to understand your aging parent’s needs and what to do when they begin to date someone new.After Ashlie Walton’s mother died from lung cancer in 2015, grief erased the zest for life that her dad, Michel, 65, had always possessed.“The fear is that they will allow their lost parent to lose significance, that they will, in some way, accept the parent’s new spouse and betray their lost parent,” says Borg.Borg recommends focusing on ways that marriage and long-term love will benefit the parent’s emotional health and well-being.

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