What episode do elena and damon start dating

If you mean the Vampire Diaries episodes, well, you just have to tag along to understand. In both the TV show and book series, but it always seems to be Damon getting drunk.The only thing is Elena gets drunk, I think, in the episode where Damon takes her to Georgia.PHOTOS | Holiday Hot Shots: Yuletide Fights Create a Whole Lot of Humbug Meanwhile, Caroline, comforting a brokenhearted Stefan, realizes that Elena’s judgment might be affected by more than just hormones.“There’s something wrong her,” she says before it hits her: Damon said she’d only be able to drink from the vein, and that’s what happened. Damon’s blood turned her into a vampire, and now she’s sired to him!Combine that rejection with Stefan’s need to “fix” Elena, and you have to wonder if she didn’t push confused Elena toward Damon.Elena puts one last nail in the coffin that is her relationship with Stefan, declaring to him, “This is who I am now. Let her go.” He takes this to mean, “Move on” — because his ex is certainly doing so.

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The relationship between Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore has been complicated throughout the series, due to the fact that Damon is in love with Elena and she is romantically involved with Damon's brother, Stefan Salvatore.

However, they have formed a strong bond over the past three seasons and despite multiple arguments and misunderstandings, it's evident that Elena cares a great deal for Damon and may also harbor romantic feelings for him as well, however her loyalty to Stefan prevents her from expressing them.

But did Damon ever say they were going to have sex? Elsewhere in the jam-packed episode: • A scarily determined Stefan is hellbent on finding the cure, and even offers up a victim – albeit an unremorseful murderer – to Jeremy, who reluctantly kills the guy without getting one spot of blood on his dress shirt! “I can’t trust you,” he says to Stefan before staking him.

Jer, who’s already being plagued by visions of killing Elena, now has an even greater lust to hunt vampires, leading him to attack his own sister.

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