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When we keep having these fights with our boyfriend, it could actually mean that we're both going through a busy, stressful time at work, and we're taking out that stress on each other.It's still bad because we shouldn't treat each other like this, and it's still a red flag to think about.She might also get upset when he doesn't see her every day of the week because now he's got a girlfriend.This could create a lot of conflict and that's the last thing that anyone wants when they've started a new relationship.

It could become a problem that he seems to be living in the past.And this is when we see the red flags that we wish we weren't seeing.Here are 20 relationship red flags that never mean what we think (but are still bad signs).When a couple is constantly fighting about little things, it's easy to assume that they're going to break up.We would say that they don't get along and that they must be arguing about more important things as well.

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