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We arrived home and my wife was in bed sleeping, we had not been getting on to well for a while and if I wanted to fuck her I had to just about rape her, but that was okay in my mind because she was my wife and it was her duty.

I poured us a couple of drinks and we sat around and talked everything under the sun; finally getting around to the subject of sex.

God I wanted to see that big old honker buried in Angela's hairy little pussy.

I went into the bedroom and took off all my clothes, and slipped into bed beside my wife, I slipped my hands around to her tits and began to squeeze them; she pushed my hand away and told me to fuck off.

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Demi membeli alkohol dan mabuk2an bersama istri mudanya.

I think it was the alcohol that did it but now that the idea was in my mind I had a raging hard on.

I decided that I would go into the bedroom and help my self to her body as I usually did. Angela just used to lie there when I did this and didn't respond at all.

I think it was the alcohol that did it but now that the idea was in As he pulled out of my wife I could see his come spilled out of her pussy and running down her inner thighs onto the sheets.

As Brian rolled off her Angela now tried to get up from the bed but now it was my turn.

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