Validating telephone numbers

If you want to dial an Australian phone you use the same method no matter where the phone is physically located.

You would dial the regular Australian phone number.

Read more Unwanted calls are a very common problem. Read more Our users share information about phone calls, scammers and unwanted phone calls as well as text messaging charges.

You never know if it is just another call center representative or a dangerous scammer who is trying to phish your personal data or steal money. If you have encountered such a problem, please add this number to our database and leave a comment below.

These are completely random and generated by your browser / device in a US phone number format. If you rerun the randomizer long enough, you'll eventually find your own number. Get a fake name, fake address, and fake email address too.

A full UK number is normally ten, or sometimes nine digits long (not including the leading 0).

A valid phone number is just a phone number that is valid - that normally just means a real, working telephone number.

I gave it a try, but when I tested the formula it produced an error when I entered the phone number.

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Your involvement can help other users to protect themselves against financial and moral losses!

Our portal creates a comprehensive database of telephone numbers which consists of business names and phone numbers of legally operating companies in the UK.

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