Validating email javascript

The Javascript email validation takes this even further by running the inserted email against the domain name to make sure that it’s registered there.

This way you know that you are sending an email to a real, verified email address. Our Java Script email validation is easy to add verification to your web forms in a matter of minutes.

Customers want their data protected as much as you want yours protected. Email marketing can be one of the most influential parts of your marketing campaign.

But making sure that you are sending your information to validated emails is necessary to ensure that type of success.

Considering most users are browsing the web on their cell phones, this automatic correction can be incredibly helpful to them, and even help you get more emails.

We’ve all had to struggle typing things in on our touch screens.

As the user puts in their email, the Javascript automatically verifies the data input for accuracy.

In this day and age, everyone is aware of the potential risks associated with bot and spam attacks.

By implementing a captcha live on your page, you’re conveying to the user how important their information is to you.

Email validation is an important part of any marketing campaign.

It helps ensure that the data you’re receiving is accurate and won’t hurt your campaign.

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