Validating databases after migration oracle 8i 10g

Oracle recommend setting this parameter to if the overhead is acceptable.

Allowable values include [OFF|FALSE], LOW, MEDIUM, [HIGH|TRUE]. Block Media Recovery (BMR) allows specified blocks to be recovered without affecting the entire datafile.

I can do it either using RMAN's duplicate or exp/imp (can't use data pump because the source is 9i). It is cross platform, so i think exp/imp is a viable option here, right? And if we use exp/imp, i don't need any extra step (like RMAN's convert or csalter) to resolve endian compatibility and to change character set, is it? January 07, 2011 - pm UTC streams/golden gate itself can instantiate the tables. It wasn't until 11g that support was added for them replication wise and even then it was for clob storage only.

I read the note you suggested but probably my basics/understanding on char sets and national char sets is not up to the mark (so please bear with my questions). I read somewhere (not sure where) that before export and after import, there is some manual intervention required to ensure data integrity and avoid data loss. Does char set difference has any impact on streams replication?

Hey Tom, I need to migrate my 9i database on Solaris SPARC to 11g on Solaris X86 platform. I think the best approach to achieve the downtime requirement is DATAGUARD, STREAMS or GOLDEN GATE, right? Please suggest a good approach to perform such a migration because we need to resolve endian incompatibility, change character set and avoid downtime as part of this task.

Also, as part of the migration, character set needs to be changed from WE8ISO8859P1 to UTF. Any pointers will be really helpful Sir Thanks Rohit January 07, 2011 - am UTC 1) data guard would not apply - you cannot do data guard in a heterogeneous environment.streams would apply - golden gate would apply.2) you will be rebuilding the database from scratch - which can be accomplished with replication (streams/golden gate). Replication would also minimize downtime to as small as you want it to be.

BMR can only be performed via RMAN using the package allows you to detect and repair corruption.

The process requires two administration tables to hold a list of corrupt blocks and index keys pointing to those blocks. If the orphan key count is greater than 0 the index should be rebuilt.

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