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I just added a ambient_generic entity to play a wav file 10 seconds long..

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If you are using custom sounds, make a folder in your sound folder and place your wav file there. For more information on our policy regarding personal data, see how is personal data handled in Docker Desktop.If you click on Report an issue, it opens Docker Desktop for Windows issues on Git Hub in your web browser in a “New issue” template, to be completed before submission. On occasions it is useful to run the diagnostics yourself, for instance if Docker Desktop for Windows cannot start. Docker Desktop sets permissions on shared volumes to a default value of 0777 ().You may encounter problems using volume mounts on the host, depending on the database software and which options are enabled.Docker Desktop for Windows uses SMB/CIFS protocols to mount host paths, and mounts them with the option, which prevents lock requests from being sent to the database server (docker/for-win#11, docker/for-win#694).

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