Updating sprint prl

A network update also assists you to place a call when your phone roams off your network.If you know how to use the handset on your Sprint device, you can update its network settings via your preferred roaming list (PRL).Since the S5 I have been updating PRL & Profile every so often, with the advancement in devices, is this even a need anymore? Not even sure it ever was but a tech once told me to do if I had issues with lag or anything else.Thanks in advance.99% of the time, it automatically does it with software updates and the like.You can also report a network issue via the Sprint website by going to the "Support" Drop Down Menu on the Sprint homepage and clicking "Network Feedback".If you're not already signed into your My Sprint Account, you'll be asked to login.

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PRL stands for Preferred Roaming List and is a database used in CDMA (think Sprint and Verizon here) phones. As such, sometimes the manufacturer makes improvements to the programs that run the device (firmware).I don't think they push every update to every customer, only those they deem critical.In my Sprint days, I think they pushed 2 updates out of a possible 7 or 8.If you want, you can manually do it, but most likely it won’t actually update unless you haven’t used your phone in a long time.A Sprint user who desires to update his network settings can enhance the quality of his cell phone signal, lessen the number of calls he drops and experience fewer problems with his online connection.

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