Updating rivatuner Online america video chat room

I feel like I'm missing something stupid-- anyone know what it might be?Same here, can get it working by manually turning on Show On-screen Display in RTSS, but the hotkey toggle set in MSI Afterburner doesn't work.It allows the user to perform driver-level Direct3D and Open GL tweaking through a graphical interface and also enables low-level hardware monitoring.

I can't lock my frames anymore nor does the FPS counter show up.Shadowplay is disabled, Origin Overlay is disabled, I've uninstalled and reinstalled AB and RT, changed everything to default-- I'm tempted to even reinstall Apex at this point but I'm worried the only result I'll get is either more of the same or maybe get it to work just for it to go away again.I have absolutely no clue what I did for it to stop showing up.It was initially developed for the NVIDIA video cards.It supports GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) based display adapters of several ATI graphics processors like ATI RADEON 8500, etc.

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