Updating powerbook cd drive

Often the simplest way is to start an FTP server on the Mac running a modern Mac OS X release and then using an FTP client like Fetch or Archie on the much older Mac to directly download the packages to the older computer.

That would require some local networking however, but if the older Macintosh is directly connected to the internet already they could always just download the package files directly too.

This will format the drive and prep it for the next step.

Next, launch Super Duper, and set it to clone your Mac's hard drive to the SSD.

But if you don’t want to commit to local emulation, you can also run Hypercard in retro Mac OS System in a web browser or run a web browser based Mac Plus emulator with Mac OS Classic too.

There are many other fun retro computing possibilities out there to enjoy too.

Or maybe an older retro Mac is sitting in a closet that you’d like to dust off and get some use out of?

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And they aren't nearly as costly per gigabyte as they once were.

First, Apple offers many downloads of older software on their official Apple Support Downloads page.

Of course this only includes Apple software, but if you’re looking for old versions of i Movie, Pages, Keynote, the i Life Suite, older Mac OS X system updates, firmware updates and security updates, older versions of i Tunes and Quick Time, and similar Apple apps and software, it’s a great place to start.

And what about apps for those much older Mac OS Classic system software releases for older Power PC, 68040, and 68030 processors?

The following links may be helpful for that purpose, though keep in mind all of these are not officially supported by anyone, they are not sanctioned by Apple or any other developer, and most of the links are to what is considered abandonware software – meaning it’s old, no longer updated, or supported.

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