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Again, it's very i Phone-like, and a big improvement from the gesture system in Android P.

The one non-i Phone gesture is really weird: a swipe up, diagonally, from the corner of the display, will open the Google Assistant. There are a few strange edge-cases with the gesture system currently.

There really aren't a ton of changes in this beta release, but there is a new navigation system.

The other missing button from the new bar is Android 9 Pie's smart rotation switch, which just never shows up anymore.The new setup is very reminiscent of i OS, and that's what everyone has been asking for since the launch of gesture navigation with Android P. For "Home," just swipe up from the bottom of the display. For "Back," swipe in from either edge of the display.You can also switch between your last two apps by swiping up from the bottom and moving the app in an arc to the right.Visually, there are a few compatibility quirks, too.First, let's look at the best case scenario and open something like the Google I/O app on Android Q Beta 3.

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