Updating my g1

If you had a bios password, used the bios option to restore your default settings and then installed the update, you would still be impacted and still have a corrupted bios because the restore defaults doesn't actually clear the settings that cause the issue.

Upgrade your current tablet up to three months before your contract ends with no early upgrade fees, and get a 15% loyalty discount on top. Upgrade your existing 4GEE Wi Fi device up to six months before your contract ends without any early upgrade fees and get a 15% loyalty discount. Tested at locations across London with the best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. The Root Metrics award is not an endorsement of EE.

G1's goals in the default configuration are neither maximum throughput nor lowest latency, but to provide relatively small, uniform pauses at high throughput.

Many options that are useful for other collectors to respond in some particular way, have either no effect at all, or even decrease throughput and the likelihood to meet the pause-time target.

An example could be setting young generation sizes that completely prevent G1 from adjusting the young generation size to meet pause-time goals.

A good start is to use the option and then refine the output from that if necessary.

The log provides a detailed overview during and outside the pauses about garbage collection activity.

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