Updating ipcop

Another popup informs you that selecting Cancel on any of the following screens will cancel the entire setup and reboot the machine.This can minimize the damage if you realize half way through the configuration that you still have important files on the drive.But NICs that use a conventional PCI connection, such as the Intel PRO-1000, shouldn't pose any problems.

This OS is based on Linux, and both it and its source code are freely available under the GPL license. The image weighs in at only 41 MB and can be burned to a disc with virtually any CD burning software.If you want to be completely certain that your network card is supported, check out IPCop's Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).Due to a lack of driver support, using the IPCop router as a wireless access point is rather difficult at the moment, and requires a great deal of manual configuration.Therefore, our current recommendation for using IPCop within a WLAN is to use a conventional network card and attach it to a WLAN access point. The Host AP-Project offers more information on how to do this.The number of network interface cards (NICs) a router needs depends on its intended use. In our example, we used two NICs, which corresponds to the classic DSL or cable setup (Figure 2).

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