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The scenario involves a gcloud compute firewall-rules create vm1-allow-egress-tcp-port443-to-192-0-2-5 \ --network my-network \ --action allow \ --direction egress \ --rules tcp:443 \ --destination-ranges \ --priority 70 \ --target-tags webserver gcloud compute firewall-rules create vm1-allow-ingress-tcp-ssh-from-vm2 \ --network my-network \ --action allow \ --direction ingress \ --rules tcp:22 \ --source-tags database \ --priority 80 \ --target-tags webserver For additional information on service accounts and roles, see Granting roles to service accounts.

Consider the scenario in the diagram below, in which there are two applications that are autoscaled through templates, a webserver application .

Found a document that said the account used for logon must be a local account with admin rights.

I had been trying to use a domain account with local admin rights. But it messes up my second request because my file server is also a DC, so there is no "local" account.

Refer to the Firewall rules overview, to learn more about firewall rules, such as implied rules and system generated rules for default networks.

Before configuring firewall rules, review the firewall rule components to become familiar with firewall components as used in GCP.

Big Query limits the maximum rate of incoming requests and enforces appropriate quotas on a per-project basis.

By viewing all of the applied rules, you can check whether a particular rule is being applied to an interface.After you create the rule, you can check to see if it's being applied correctly on a particular instance.For more information, see Listing firewall rules for a network interface of a VM instance. Network scanning (copier scans to PDF and stores to a shared folder on the network) is currently working pointed to a shared folder on a workstation.I've tried using all the same settings and pointing it at a shared folder on another workstation, and on my file print server, with no success. Has anyone had similar problems and figured this out?

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