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This would have required 29.5 GWe of nuclear capacity in 2030, up from 13.8 GWe (13.1 GWe net) now.The new government formed in 2014 has confirmed these targets, and said that Ukraine aimed to integrate with the European power grid and gas network to make the country part of the European energy market by being funded by the European Community, Euratom and the EBRD” as part of a new phase in the development of EU-Ukraine contractual relations, aiming at political association and economic integration.A 2012 agreement for Rosatom to complete two Russian reactors had been revoked in September 2015.A 750 k V transmission link from Zaporozhe to the Kherson region southwest of it is expected to be commissioned late in 2017, enabling an extra 700 MWe output from Zaporozhe (to full capacity) and reducing dependence on coal from the Donetsk region.Nuclear energy development started in 1970 with construction of the Chernobyl power plant, the first unit being commissioned in 1977.

A 750 k V, 2000 MW transmission connection from Khmelnistki 2 to Rzeszow in Poland is planned, taking in also Ukraine’s Burshtyn coal-fired plant in the far west of the country, with Khmelnistki 2 then being disconnected from the Ukraine grid and synchronized with the EU grid, as Burshtyn already is*.

In 2016, 81 TWh (49%) was from nuclear, 61 TWh (37%) from coal, 10 TWh from gas, and 9 TWh from hydro.

Electricity consumption was 124 TWh after transmission losses of 17 TWh due to an old grid. Total capacity is about 52 GWe, including 22 GWe coal-fired, 13.8 GWe nuclear, 5 GWe gas and 4.8 GWe hydro.

However, refurbishment of older plants to extend operating lifetimes and bring them into conformity with EU standards seemed more probable, both economically and regarding timescale.

In November 2015 Energoatom signed an agreement with Areva “for safety upgrades of existing and future nuclear power plants in Ukraine, lifetime extension and performance optimization.” It said that its “very strong modernization and reconstruction program ….

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