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In September 2017, Energoatom signed a contract with Westinghouse to supply monitoring instrumentation systems to the Zaporozhe plant as part of the ongoing Complex Consolidated Safety Upgrade Program of nuclear power plants in Ukraine.In March 2015 an agreement was signed by Ukraine’s Ukrenergo distribution company and Polenergia, a Polish counterpart, to export electricity as part of the Ukraine-European Union ‘energy bridge’, and related to the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan.All are Russian VVER types, two being upgraded 440 MWe V-312 models and the rest the larger 1000 MWe units – two early models and the rest V-320s.Power reactors have operated in Ukraine since 1977, and over 300 reactor years of operating experience have been accumulated.A 750 k V transmission link from Zaporozhe to the Kherson region southwest of it is expected to be commissioned late in 2017, enabling an extra 700 MWe output from Zaporozhe (to full capacity) and reducing dependence on coal from the Donetsk region.Nuclear energy development started in 1970 with construction of the Chernobyl power plant, the first unit being commissioned in 1977.However, refurbishment of older plants to extend operating lifetimes and bring them into conformity with EU standards seemed more probable, both economically and regarding timescale.

In December 2005 Ukraine and the EU signed an energy cooperation agreement which links the country more strongly to western Europe in respect to both nuclear energy and electricity supply.

In fact, during that period and since, there have been continuing improvements in the operational safety and output levels of Ukraine's nuclear reactors.

Ukraine's 15 nuclear power units at four nuclear power plants are operated by NNEGC Energoatom, the country's nuclear power utility.

and in March 2017 Energoatom said that it would start to function in 2019 with 1550 MWe as the "first step on the way to fully integrated strategic synchronisation of the Ukrainian and European energy systems." It will be completed by 2025, with 2550 MWe available to the EU* The 2300 MWe Burshtyn power station was disconnected from the national grid in 2002 to form the Burshtyn Energy Island, synchronized with the EU grid – ENTSO-E – and with a 400 k V connection to Hungary, Slovakia and Romania and a HVDC link proposed.

Replacement of one-third of its old capacity with a new supercritical unit is proposed.

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