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During this time, Anne devised a complicated code for her explicit diary entries, meshing Greek, Latin, mathematical symbols, punctuation and the zodiac, and she believed it to be uncrackable.

Although Eliza was her first love, Anne was keen to move on when the pair left school and so ended the relationship.

Eliza was distraught, writing to her lover, “You can little know what pain you have given me.” She sunk into depression and, heartbroken, was finally committed to a lunatic asylum.

The following groups each made up 1 percent or less of the total number of full-time professors: Hispanic females, American Indian/Alaska Native individuals, and individuals of Two or more races.In fall 2016, of the 1.5 million faculty in degree-granting postsecondary institutions, 53 percent were full time and 47 percent were part time.Faculty include professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, assisting professors, adjunct professors, and interim professors.But she definitely had the last laugh, as women fell into her arms at an astounding rate – with every encounter and every orgasm recorded in her extensive, heavily coded diaries.Born in 1791, Anne was the second of six children of military man Jeremy Lister and wife Rebecca, but only she and her younger sister survived.

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