Tunisia dating customs

In most cases, things look quite differently, when Tunisian men start .

Here, the first contacts are made in public, the man will not even make the attempt to talk to the parents of the woman and he will invite her even after a few days to his family.

Others think that they will never come into the situation that they will fall in love in their vacation.

Namely, a Tunisian who has a good job and comes from a family with good status, which puts an emphasis on tradition, has either no desire to leave Tunisia - or, if he considers this, then he will try to do so by his own powers, but never with the help of a relationship with a "foreigner".

Moreover, the work in the tourist industry, even if it is profitable for Tunisians, is socially not acceptable, so, apart from high income positions (), one will only rarely find a Tunisian "of standing" as an animator, a waiter, salesman or towel delivery boy.

After a more or less long period of engagement, in which the two meet and get known to each other, the wedding will take place.

Of course, times are changing, even in Tunisia, and so, today, boys and girls meet as well in schools or on the street, in modern regions also in mixed cafes, in which not only men, but also women are allowed to enter.

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