Treadway spiritual dating

" They are not at yoga, healing class, or your "feel your feelings" group.

For the few men that do go to these events, "Look at all these open women, and I am their only option!! " Or, and I see this a lot, the monogamous and ready ones find someone very fast. All the same, embarking on spiritual dating journey can be very fun.

By getting in touch with your primal needs and working with them to integrate with your spiritual work, you can enter a true bliss state only possible in the physical. But when I arrived, there were 10 women to every man. If you took out the gay ones, it pushed it to like 20:1. I thought, "Why on earth is all the marketing for this school done in shades of purple? " After four years in that school, brilliant as it was, I was convinced they didn't see this imbalanced ratio as a problem and were fine with alienating men.

The truth is, if you were actually at the vibratory level of bringing in a wealthy, evolved spiritual man, or an open, surrendered feminine woman, you would have. I understand that at the time of the school's inception, it was more important to make a space for women, but I wanted to meet my partner!

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You just want to meet the right person and meditate together.forever (sigh). So you begin your quest to find your spiritual partner. First off, for the women, "Where are all the freakin' men??Here's the classic setup of our time: Spiritual woman meets spiritual guy. He won't work because he is exploring spirituality and he'd rather stick it to "the Man" than be the man.She admires his spiritual fire, independent thinking and openness, but becomes stressed out because her body is telling her she cannot bring a child into the world without some security. He has a hard time committing to her, because deep down he feels no purpose, is emasculated by the fact that she is the provider and he'd like someone more feminine. Instead of breaking up and bitching that he was a scrub, and that you have to find someone who has their shit together, or for the man, instead of concluding that you just aren't ready for a monogamous relationship because you have to find yourself, acknowledge that this situation is a potential evolutionary step. Pitfall#2 CONFUSING GENDER ROLES/FEMINIZING SPIRITUALITY When I signed up for healing school many years ago, I was convinced I would meet my soulmate there." The quest for the ideal mate becomes a soul mission.If you have been doing your spiritual work, and you are over 30, you probably don't want to go to bars.

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