Tl osl and esr dating techniques

The dependency of sintered Be O to radiation energy is close to tissue.Because of this favourable property, Be O is one of the phosphors of choice in personal dosimetry.Here, a dependency of the lifetime of the luminescence with dose (Figure 1) has been shown (Härtling et al., 2012; Reitzig et al, 2013; 2016). This allows the use of a broad dose range of few k Gy to 150 k Gy (Figure 2). The separation of waste, especially from electronic and electric devices (WEEE) is a topic, which has drawn a fast-growing interest on a global scale.Due to decreasing availability and rising production costs for raw materials such as rare earth elements (REEs) and precious metals, the mining of secondary resources from waste gained extremely in importance.The modular equipment provides the manual readout of a single Be O-dosimeter.An automation attachment provides the opportunity to measure batches of 20 dosimeters stored in magazines.

Within the SISor (Sensors for Intelligent Sorting) project the core aim is the development of an integrated sensor system for the automated detection of raw materials in the WEEE.

An improved detection of valuable materials such as Au, Cu and rare earth elements would strengthen the sorting process of the e-waste, increasing the separation success tremendously.

The consortium of the Helmholtz institute HZDR-HIF, the Canadian company Telops Inc.

A total of 10 of such magazines are located in a wheel, which is software driven for dosimeter measurement according to user definitions.

In OSL dosimetry it is sufficient to measure part of the signal, which allows re-reading, for dose determination.

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