Tips for love and dating

A second powerful skill is to work on issues with attachment and insecurity that may inadvertently block us from finding the love we seek.The more we are free to focus on the other person and have fun, rather than being consumed with self-critical thoughts and fears, the greater success we will have in the game of love. D., is a psychologist in Mill Valley, California, and an expert in mindfulness, stress, and relationships. I am still wondering why I am so alone and don't have a boyfriend.

I find myself as a beautiful woman with an oval shaped face and I am physically proportional.Both are released during or after sexual intercourse, which may explain why sex is linked to couples' closeness and long-term satisfaction. Getting on the Same Wavelength Both men and women are attracted to people whom they perceive as being on the same wavelength.In a 2009 study of speed daters, researcher Nicholas Gueguen trained women to mimic the nonverbal gestures and words of some male partners and not others: If the partner touched their arm, for example, they were instructed to touch his arm a few minutes later.Having a solid identity, including interests, goals, and other relationships, gives us more to offer a partner—and makes us more interesting.Research shows that being excited about life and having independent interests also contributes to lasting relationship happiness.

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