Tips for dating someone with bipolar dating site no membership

No matter how strong your marriage or relationship may seem, when mental illness rears its head, none of the generic dating, relationship and marriage advice out there can quite capture how to handle things when your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or significant other is diagnosed.

Knowing which questions to ask the person you love in the face of their own mental health struggles, however, can make all the difference in the world for you both.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to date a person with bipolar, since due to the disorder, maintaining relationships is one major thing they lack.Always, always remember that they are a person, and someone you love – with many strengths. If some of these strategies stop working, sit down and decide on new ones."Discern what their "triggers" are"Also keep on top of triggers – what sets off episodes for your partner.They are not a diagnosis or a label or an illness."Make a plan of action"If your partner is open about having bipolar disorder, it's a good idea to decide between you the strategy, structure, and support you will use should he or she go through a manic or depressive episode. Notice and discuss any new ones and work together to find ways to avoid them. Yes, you might love getting drunk with your partner, but if you know alcohol triggers them (it can encourage depression) then is it really worth it?It’s important that your partner know what resources are available for him or her to help you deal with your illness if it gets out of your control. For me, my number one support has always been my doctor.I share that doctor’s number with my partner in case it’s necessary for them to reach out for help.

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