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Be authentic and present and know your own worth that can’t be shattered by anyone else’s opinion of you.2.If he tries to initiate sexting as early as date 1, 2, and 3, run the other way.Small world, these two knew each other and the guy I rejected told the new guy that I didn’t really reject him and he still had hope.The rumor couldn’t be further from the truth but my new beau ran the other way.On the flipside, if you like someone, let them know! You don’t have to kiss 100 frogs before you find your prince…It’s okay to be picky, because it only takes one good date to turn into one great relationship.So for now, I’ve put a pause on actively meeting people.For a lot of us, grad school came and went and we still didn’t meet the One.I met most of my dates through friends, family, and Ishqr. I later suggested this as a date night spot to someone really cool I met later on and he took the opportunity to sit next to me, enjoyed the food as much as I did, and we had an awesome night.

Youssef is a twenty-eight-year-old Egyptian-American comedian and actor who has made a ten-episode semi-autobiographical miniseries, “Ramy,” which is now streaming on Hulu.

I’m a lot more selective now, and have faith that the one meant for me will cross my path. Don’t downplay yourself, your accomplishments, or your hopes and dreams.

If the guy in question can’t handle the fact that you bring more to the table (on paper at least), he’s not for you.

The series describes, with tart precision and irony, the lives of young American Muslims who may drink, have sex, and believe in God—and who keep much of their lives secret from their parents and their friends.

Youssef plays the title character, Ramy, who is unclear about what type of Muslim he is or ought to be. “You’re Muslim, I thought, in the way that I am Jewish,” a woman, whom Ramy sleeps with, says in one episode. Put off less by his beliefs than by his deceit, she walks away.

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