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We’ve had a bunch of people on the set of a new reality dating show for Channel 7 called Take Me Out.

Our people are there to help during the technical rehearsals of the show, not the actual filming.

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The one thing the show seems to assume is the singles, who have literally just laid eyes on the suitor/suitress for the first time, will be so taken by the person that they'll actually want to propose.

Of course, the lovely people over on Twitter had thoughts and opinions. “I’ve known you about 20 minutes, dangled my bits in front of you, and talked shit to your kids. ” #The Proposal — Peter Morton (@petermortonidau) August 27, 2019 Also, how come when the suitors are male they are the ones to propose? You could have solved the NSW water crisis with the amount of sweat dripping off those poor blokes! You can download love and be rejected from marriage, all within the space of an hour.

Most of them were mean, but some of them were very funny. But when the suitors are female they have to be proposed TO by the bloke?

‘The Proposal is pretty much every terrible dating show that’s ever existed rolled into one hot mess on a massive LED stage,’ one person tweeted. Nope.’ Another viewer simply described The Proposal as ‘the worst’, while a third Twitter user labelled it ‘another contrived relationship show’. television show of the same name, premiered on Tuesday with Luke Jacobz as host.

‘It’s The Bachelor x Married At First Sight x Take Me Out x First Dates x Yasmin’s Getting Married. The male participants did not escape criticism either, with several fans calling them ‘desperate’ and cringeworthy. Luke, 38, previously told Stellar magazine that he loved the concept and thought the contestants were very brave for taking part.

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