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Robert Ruark Seems like of the 3 variations made by Schrade, the ones i have are the most commonly seen, plain bolsters and all blades marked "BUCK" ?OH, i will sell you the Buck with the 'smooth' punch.But if it’s super nichey or specific, consider discussing something a little more accessible. But if you’re going on a first date, give yourself a chance to feel her out. “I took her to a nice romantic movie, ‘The Road.’ My friends still make fun of me for that.” (via The Huffington Post) Here’s the thing about dates at the movie theater: There’s a pretty good chance you’re gonna pick the wrong movie.Not to mention you shouldn’t be talking for 70% of the date, let alone about one thing. Obviously, a dystopian, post-apocalyptic tragedy is not the move.A couple of early models were made by Schrade , BUT all others were made by Camillus. The two Ranchers with leather awls were only made by Camillus.

That said, there can be differences of opinion when it comes to dating the older knives and I try not to quibble over those differences, especially when the dates are close to each other. At any rate I have a used, but very good condition, grooved bolster Schrade (I just obtained it) and a NOS Schrade with BUCK on the reverse side of the secondary blades.

I would like to have a shot at your smooth/plain awl Buck 319 - I don't have that one. OHDeep in the guts of most men is buried the involuntary response to the hunter's horn, a prickle of the nape hairs, an acceleration of the pulse, an atavistic memory of his fathers, who killed first with stone, and then with club...

Robert Ruark OH, I generally use the data provided by Charles Toft and 300Bucks.

I do not know what a fair price is, but likely you do, so PM me with an offer.

I have far too many knives and i need to pare it down as my children are not interested and my expiry date, while unknown, is definitely coming.

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