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More data about TDV and what works to prevent it is needed.

To raise TDV as an education and public health priority and make the case for strengthening TDV prevention programs and policies, good data is needed, including data about: a) community strengths and needs; b) the prevalence and dynamics of TDV (e.g., Youth Risk Behavior Survey data, and data that links TDV to academic achievement and health outcomes); and, c) what works to prevent TDV (e.g., program evaluation, case studies, etc.). Partnership members and allies can play a key role.

Popular culture and social media are opportune platforms for youth engagement.

Youth are also powerful policy advocates who can educate adults about issues affecting their lives, and call for change.

On the same day, 10 youth from 4 cities in California who work to prevent TDV in partnership with 5 organizations participated in a Youth Leadership in State-Level TDV Prevention meeting, also convened by the Partnership.

The objectives of the meeting were to: 1) explore what should be done to prevent TDV in the area of school-based efforts; and, 2) explore what actions can be taken to create ongoing communication channels between youth leaders and state-level TDV prevention stakeholders.

All aspects of the panel were very highly rated by participants on the evaluation survey, and over 95% of participants reported that as a result of their participation, their capacity to advocate for TDV prevention had been strengthened.By engaging youth as leaders, young people and adults build their capacity for intergenerational partnerships and community change. Parents and guardians are a primary influence and source of modeling for their children, and a powerful influence on local policy and state legislation.Barriers to parent engagement can be overcome by linking TDV to other issues of concern such as academic achievement and social development, especially at moments of heightened interest such as the transition to middle school and to high school.More and more, TDV is recognized as an important issue requiring public policy attention at the national, state and local levels.Public policies and organizational practices affect the broad conditions that shape TDV.

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