Taylor acoustic guitar dating

The system has changed a bit over the years so it gets a little bit complicated – but stick with me.

There are 4 different serial number systems used for 4 different time periods. So if your guitar’s serial number has 10 digits, then this is the serial number system that your guitar fits under.

In our example the guitar was built in August (08) Again, let’s use an example serial number to illustrate how this system works – 20051126029 The first 4 digits represent the year the guitar was built.

This is straight forward – in our example the guitar was built in 2005.

In addition to classic six-string acoustics, we also offer a selection of specialty models if you are looking for a more specific type of guitar design.

These options include ultra-portable travel/small body guitars, nylon strings, 12-strings, baritones, 12-fret models, electric guitars, and of course you can build your own one-of-a-kind custom guitars.

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We can see by the model number that it is in fact a 412ce.We have guides for how to find the right fit for you.Learn about the subtle differences in shapes and styles.The second and seventh digits indicate what year the guitar was built.In our example those numbers are 13, which tells us that the guitar was built in 2013.

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