Taiwanese dating online

Many people overlook Taiwan when they are thinking of East Asian territories.

In the minds of many people, it gets lumped together with “China,” but the fact of the matter is that, just like many Asian cultures, Taiwanese culture is unique and particular to the area, so it is better to approach the people there with an open mind and with no assumptions that they will be the same as their mainland counterparts.

Eric Lin was not merely my first Taiwanese friend – we’d actually met on the flight that brought me to Taiwan.

He was trying to start a business with his friend based on a design idea they’d come up with in their spare time for better packaging of fragile items, which would enable him to quit his monotonous engineering job. I’d been in Taiwan for perhaps two weeks and still had a lot to learn.

More importantly, if your relationship is going in a serious direction, this effort is likely to pay off hugely when it’s time to make an impression on her parents.

Since she’ll be less likely to hide the fact that she likes you behind a veil of games, you’re more likely to know where you stand with her.

While having that exotic edge is great, if you plan to spend any time in Taiwan, or you’re seriously looking for a potential mate, there’s no need to limit yourself to women who only speak English.

To make things easier and to reduce the amount of communication problems, try to immerse yourself in the culture and language as best you can.

In return, be kind and open yourself; vulnerability on both sides is probably the most rewarding approach.

It’s no secret that one of the universal languages in this world is food, and this is especially true for Taiwanese people, who love to eat just as much as Westerners do, if not more.

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