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He also has protective instincts over those he cares about, such as our insignificant human race.

However, his protective and competitive nature can result in an act now/think later mentality.

Yes, you have the pleasure of the company of the sweet, intelligent, seemingly harmless Banner most of the time, but the other guy is always lurking in the corner, waiting. He would never cheat on you, and if he cared about you, he would protect you at all cost. He has anger issues that rival those of the Hulk, the consequences of which can result in equally debilitating bodily injuries.

If the guy has a bad dream he could accidentally gut you in the middle of the night. He’s been around and seen it all, and he couldn’t care less about your best friend’s baby shower or the fact that the vending machine gave you Sprite instead of Coke.

The qualities that make him one of the most captivating and intriguing superheroes are unfortunately some of the same qualities that would make him a terrible boyfriend. When he dons the cowl, Batman carries the weight of the corruption of an entire city.

Darstellung des Anbieters: Super ist Dating Portal.

Hier kannst du Dating Kontakten mit Handynummer durchsuchen und passende Partner finden, die deine Vorlieben teilen und Wünsche austauschen wollen um romantische Stunden zu erleben oder einfach nur viel Spass zu haben.

With the likes of Captain America, Spider-man, and Wolverine all headlining the most anticipated movies of the next few months, all of the women out there also have some serious eye candy to look forward to.

Ladies, even if you aren’t digging the superhero genre, please heed my advice and make the trip to the theater just to see these men in tights, literally.

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