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It Seems like the two share a special bond together. She has trained in Belly dancing and other dances, making her quite exceptional in what she does.As they waited for the elevator Sue tried to think of when she would have bought a date from Jack. When would a woman ever stoop to buying a date from the man that she loved? After all, men were supposed to make the first move, were they not? And he's right - I can't imagine any of the supervisors being against this. "I'll see if Lucy can babysit Levi; it'll be easier to leave him behind than to try to control him in a noisy crowd. She continued, "Tomorrow, what time should I be ready? You too, Levi." He nodded to them and got into his car. They drove out, one behind the other, and went their separate ways. Jack and Sue were excited and elated as they left the stadium. She could not decide what she wanted, so he finally bought her a baseball hat with the Redskin logo on it."Thank you," Sue said, putting it on. "Thanks again, Jack."Jack leaned over, out of sight of Lucy's prying eyes, and gently kissed Sue's cheek.After all, it was a charity fundraiser and it isn't like we're dating seriously or anything. He'd be trying to alert me of sounds all the time."Jack laughed. "Jack thought for a moment, then said, "How about ? Yet both were thinking of the same thing - the next evening, their first official, yet unofficial, date.... Levi ran to Sue, eager to be helpful, and alerted her. "I don't even know the difference among any of the teams." Teasingly, she added, "This is soccer, isn't it? "I'll have to get in the habit of wearing ball caps now."..."Thank you for tonight," Sue said as Jack parked in front of her apartment building. It was a magical moment where only the two of them existed.Lea has siblings, but she prefers to keep them away from the public eye.Ginet is among the few celebrity stars under the birth zodiac sign, Capricorn. Lea Elui Ginet has a tattoo on her neck which says .

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