Sturmey archer hub dating

The Whippet Cycle Syndicate was registered on 8th September 1896 to take over the firm of Linley Biggs and to market the new gear.

Linley, who is usually credited with most if not all of the firm’s inventions, used to disclaim all credit for the free-wheel.

by Derek Roberts A useful aid to calculating the age of a bicycle might be its rear hub.

I’m still learning about this subject and, as with the rest of this museum website, I share it with you as I discover more about our fascinating hobby.INTRODUCTION TO THE FIRST BICYCLE GEARS The most informative book on this subject is without a doubt THE STURMEY ARCHER STORY by Tony Hadland.His introduction to the subject is concise and easy to understand, so rather than summarizing it, I’ve reproduced a few pages below as a taster.As Archibald Sharp (author of ‘Bicycles and Tricycles) said: “Free pedals form one of the features of the 1898 shows.The pioneer of this revival must be the Protean gear of the Whippet Cycle Co.” By 1899 there were dozens of free-wheels, most of the large makers producing their own versions.

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