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In 1981, while remaining a member of Fleetwood Mac, Nicks began her solo career, releasing the studio album Bella Donna, which topped the Billboard 200 and has reached multiplatinum status.She has released a total of eight solo studio albums to date, with her most recent, titled 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault, released in October 2014. (May 18, 1892 – August 1, 1974), a struggling country music singer, taught Nicks to sing duets with him by the time she was four years old.Her father's frequent relocation as a food business executive had the family living in Phoenix, Albuquerque, El Paso, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco during Nicks's youth.With the Goya guitar that she received for her 16th birthday, Nicks wrote her first song, "I've Loved and I've Lost, and I'm Sad But Not Blue".But do note that it is not possible to be certain of a person's genealogy without a family's cooperation (and/or DNA testing).

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The album won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978.

It produced four US Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles, with Nicks's "Dreams" being the band's first and only Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit.

1976 - Best Group Vocal - Lyin' Eyes 1978 - Best Arrangement - New Kid In Town 1978 - Best Record - Hotel California 1980 - Best Rock Vocal Group - Heartache Tonight 1986 - Best Male Rock Vocal - The Boys of Summer 1990 - Best Male Rock Vocal - The End of the Innocence 2008 - Best Country Group - How Long 2009 Best Pop Instrumental - I Dreamed There Was No War When Stevie Nicks best friend Robin lost her battle with leukaemia she married her widower, Kim Anderson because they were grieving. Kim and Robins son Matthew was born 2 days before Robin died and Stevie Nicks is his godmother.

Stevie met Robin in high school in California and they joined the band Changing Times.

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