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Right click on the tray icon for Plex and choose Exit.Wait a couple of minutes and then you can then restart the Plex Media Server program by clicking it in your Start menu. I followed all of the steps (Plex Dance etc) but on both occasions that I scanned libraries it just hung and I had to ‘cancel scan’. Likewise, when I go to ‘Troubleshooting’ to download logs and save the Zip File it simply sits in downloads saying 'Unknown time left 0 bytes/0 bytes/sec) I tried adding a TV episode and scanning the TV Library and it took a while but DID update.First of all you need to insert any type of Smart Art into your presentation.This can be an arrow or any other graphic you would like to render 3D.I did update to PMS Version yesterday but the issue was happening before this without any updates. I’ve checked all of your suggestions but am unsure what to do re the Windows User Account access permissions.I can’t seem to find a forum post which relates exactly to my set-up / issue. I haven’t changed anything (in Plex or Windows) so not sure it would be this but also not sure what it means? Sometimes, Windows is changing drive letters for external drives if you unplug and then re-plug them in a different order.

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Here you can modify the 3D settings and give volume to the arrows.

I am a Plex Pass User and have not had any issues for over 3 years now.

I added approx 17 movie files (all named correctly) on Friday and for some reason the Library is not updating / picking up the Recently Added Movies.

One of the best tools is the Smart Art option which allows us to create appealing graphics easily.

Today we are going to show you how to create 3D graphics using Smart Art.

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