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Item and Art Guides are updated, and I added a question to the FAQ. I'd made a mistake on the numbering of her scenes, so I fixed that. You might as well keep restarting the conversation to bilk Conor out of all of his money. -[Take the money] ***receive ONE HUNDRED BUCKS*** -Yeah, of course... I'm fairly sure that there's no way to keep your job at the Ski Shop.

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---------------------------------------------- ***************** 4. Walkthroughs ***************** ============= Brett's Story ============= Chapter One: Lift Off --------------------- Description: You've arrived at Snow Bird Mountain with your best friend, Becky. Golden Line: "No, you look like an aerobics instructor." ========= ITEMS ========= CHEWING GUM AMOROUS ACTION RABBIT'S FOOT Rundown: The introductory level for Brett's Story. You'll get the Gum and Amorous Action automatically, but making the suggested choices will also net you the Rabbit's Foot and a kiss from Becky. @@@ -If you were I'm sure I wouldn't learn anything.

I saw there weren't many FAQs yet for Sprung, my favorite of the early batch of DS games.

I figured the game's style would lend itself well to a fairly straightforward walkthrough, and so I'm taking a shot at it.

Golden Line: "This purple one here looks nice." ========= ITEMS ========= BECKY'S NUMBER CONOR'S NUMBER TWENTY BUCKS FIFTY BUCKS ONE HUNDRED BUCKS VIP SANCTUARY CLUB PASS UNLOCKING SOCIAL ANXIETY HEIMLICH MANEUVER PAMPHLET SUNGLASSES Rundown: Lots of branches here, but they all seem to end the same way.

Objective: Get the VIP pass from Conor, the Lodge rich boy who runs the hip club, Sanctuary.

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