Splitting holidays when dating

I announced my pregnancy to our families on Thanksgiving Day two years ago.That holiday season was an eye-opener for my husband and me. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas were always a happy blur, with frenzied cooking and cleaning and car trips from one relative’s house to the next.Thanksgiving was two or three huge meals packed into one day, eating so much we thought we’d die, and then going back for another slice of pie anyway.

Since my birthday is the day after Christmas, my immediate family picks a day afterwards to celebrate both occasions, which I enjoy, since the festivities get to be extended.

Christmas was a multi-day affair, with Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, the opening of gifts, and then the real chaos began as we prepared to host our extended families or otherwise pile everything into the car to travel to them.

Even after I moved out, I continued these traditions by staying at my parents’ house from Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, while also tacking on the usual extended family visits.

As the years passed, I came to dread the holidays I had once loved.

My husband and I would argue annually about how much time I could reasonably dedicate to my family for the holidays.

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