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Sheffield is the largest city in the county of South Yorkshire, and Sheffield residents are proud of their perceived character: South Yorkshire residents pride themselves on a warmth and hospitality that isn't found in other northern cities.

Visitors to Sheffield may find this most noticeable in the affectionate terms that slip into everyday conversation.

The valleys through which these flowed were ideally suited for man-made dams that could be used to to power water mills.

A walk along the Rivelin Valley from Malin Bridge tram stop or along the Porter Valley out from Endcliffe Park towards the Peak District will reveal some of these old dams.

As well as the extensive urbanisation, one third of the city's territory is rural national park land.

Around 1.75 million people live in the wider metropolitan area, (South Yorkshire), which includes Rotherham, Barnsley, and Doncaster.Information is entered by event organisers and may be subject to change, please see event page for latest information.If you're in town this afternoon, why not pop into 108 The Moor and join in our Open Network Meeting? Open to all creative practitioners: let's share ideas and pool resources, we're stronger together #sheffieldissuper #helpsheffield #creativesheffield It's our first SNAP Open Steering Group mtg this Mon 1st Oct at 108 the Moor - it'd be great to see you there: eventbrite.com/e/snap-open-ne…The city centre lies where these rivers and valleys meet.The city has expanded out along the valleys and over the hills between, creating leafy neighbourhoods and suburbs within easy reach of the city centre.

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